Project Management

Projects Division

The division is responsible for the management of CETA funded projects and is divided into three departments: Learner contracting and information management; Projects monitoring and evaluation; Graduate Development Support.

Learners Contracting and Information Management Department

This department has the responsibility of managing the information of CETA learners, which include the following:

  • contracting of learners making sure that learners agreements and all other required learners documentation for each learner are in place for all learning pathways
  • registering all learners on the CETA management information system
  • linking all the learners to the right employer, training provider and assessors and moderators where applicable
  • issuing of letter to start the training when all the learners information requirements have been met
  • Manage the replacements of learners
  • Certification of learners upon completion of training.

Monitoring and Evaluation Department

The Department of Monitoring and Evaluation is responsible of the monitoring of projects, which include the following:

  • induction of learners at the beginning of the training
  • compile a monitoring and evaluation schedule which includes the monitoring, workplace approval and external moderation
  • Compile all monitoring and evaluation reports and recommends actions based on the findings
  • Provide information to update the commitment schedule
  • Coordinate the JPMTs meetings for all projects
  • Facilitate the projects close out reports

Graduate Development Support Department

The Graduate Development Support focuses specifically on the following programmes: bursaries, candidacy, work integrated learning, placements which comprise internships, higher education and training graduate placements (HET placements) and TVET student placements.