Countdown to AGM

Makunuku Alice Project is a CETA SMME based in the rural part of Limpopo called Bochum. Ms Josphine Beboho and Mr Phanuel Shokane who are determined to provide quality training and skills.

The entity currently employs two local people.

The driving force behind establishing the SMME in 2015 was to address the national skills crisis, shortage of skills, which also confront Bochum.

Manuka Alice is currently training 50 learners in Construction Roadworks, Level 3 and Construction Contracting Level 2. The training is taking place under the 20172018 discretionary grant allocation.

CETA also awarded Manuku Alice Projects discretionary grant to train 50 learners in the 2016/2017 window period.

Additional to the awarded qualification the entity is accredited to train in Supervision of Construction Processes Level 4.

The SMME envisages dominating Blouberg Local Municipality. They seek to develop many villages and empower people to be self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Ms Beboho is very grateful for the support by the CETA and wishes the same for other people who would like to join the CETA SMME programme.