6th July 2018 – The CETA discretionary funding window opened on the 10th of June 2018 and is due to close on the 20th of July 2018.  Applications are online and as a result the CETA has embarked on an exercise to engage stakeholders in all nine provinces to outline the online application process and to present the focus areas the CETA is looking for at the current funding window period. The areas of focus are based on the strategic plans of the CETA as well as the results of the impact study conducted by the CETA, examining the impact of the CETA programmes in the lives of CETA past learners.

The workshop had an impressive turn out of stakeholders from all corners of North West and also attracted new potential discretionary grant applicants. This was pleasing to the CETA as it is a clear indication that the CETA is a growing SETA, alive with endless new possibilities.

Mr Robert Semenya, CETA Acting CEO indicated that the discretionary grant application process is one of the least complicated processes of the CETA. He further reminded North West stakeholders of the five key strategic areas of the CETA; namely people living with disabilities, people who reside in rural areas and townships, the youth, women and military veterans.

The stakeholders were taken through a live demonstration of the online application process and encouraged to make use of the document checklist provided to ensure that all required documents are submitted for the application to be fully compliant.

The presentations were welcomed by all stakeholders and attested to how user friendly the online system is.

Ms Portia Khumalo – North West Office of the Premier complimented the CETA for its initiatives, emphasising the need to align industry plans with that of the CETA in order to find workable solutions that enable industry and the CETA to produce quality skills.

Stakeholders were urged not to wait until the closing date but to familiarise themselves with the system and to apply on time.