9th July 2018 – CETA closes off the national Roadshows by visiting the Northern Cape stakeholders for Discretionary Grants funding window.

The CETA discretionary funding window opened on the 10th of June 2018 and is due to close on the 20th of July 2018.  The CETA is using an online process for applications for discretionary funding and embarked on Roadshows from the 2nd of July 2018. The objective is to engage all stakeholders to familiarise them with the online application process and to present the focus areas the CETA is looking at for the current funding window. The areas of focus are based on the strategic plans of the CETA as well as the results of the impact study conducted by the CETA in conjunction with the University of Witwatersrand, looking at the employment activities of those that have gone through CETA learning programmes.

The CETA focus areas are projects aimed at people living with disabilities, people who reside in rural areas and townships, the youth, women and military veterans. A live online demonstration was presented where the stakeholders were taken through the application process step-by-step. A checklist of all required documents was also presented and stakeholders were shown how to upload supporting documents with their application.  Mr Ngenzi, the CETA Acting Senior Manager in Projects stated that all applicants successful or not will be notified in writing once the application and evaluations process is complete.  

The stakeholders expressed their gratitude towards the CETA for the roadshows. Namakwa District Municipality congratulated the CETA on their new and improved online application system.  

The Northern Cape stakeholders were also granted an opportunity to provide feedback to the CETA on what the CETA does exceptionally well and also on the areas of improvement.

The CETA committed to extend its presence in the Northern Cape Province through participation in skills development forums and conducting capacity building workshops.