The CETA Accounting Authority made a call to all stakeholders to apply for Discretionary Grant funding for the purpose of enhancing skills development, mainly addressing the scarce and critical skills in the country.

Stakeholder engagement capacity building workshops are scheduled nationally within the month of July 2018. The CETA Accounting Authority, Management and relevant support staff are to travel to each province to engage with CETA stakeholders. Western Cape was the first province to receive the support on 2nd July 2018.

The purpose of the workshops is to give a step to step guide on how the Discretionary Grant online application process works in pursuit of a paperless, seamless and effective process. The workshops are also aimed at addressing stakeholder needs as to effect solutions in the current online system.

The Discretionary Grant window period has been extended to 20 July 2018 as the CETA encourages stakeholders to be part of the process.

Mr Robert Semenya, CETA Acting Chief Executive Officer reiterated to the Western Cape stakeholders the importance of mutual support between stakeholders and the CETA by participating in the Sector Skills Plan research to ascertain a synergy between industry and the CETA.

The Western Cape stakeholders appreciated the online system and commended the CETA for the initiative and stated that with adequate support the online application system will yield fruitful results.


Enquiries: dgprojects@ceta.co.za