Corporate Services

Corporate Services Department

Corporate Services is an integral part of the support structures of the organisation. It is the axil around which the various departments in the organisation rely to carry out their various functions and roles. The Corporate Services Division of the organisation is strategically positioned to enable the organisation to achieve its mandate. Without a strong functioning corporate services department to support the organisation to carry out its mandate and mission, the organisation would collapse.

The role of corporate services in the organisation is to manage and oversee the following functions in the organisation:

  • Registry and Logistics
  • Admin and Travel Unit

Registry and Logistics Unit
The Registry and Logistics unit manages all logistical operations for the organisation. Further, it is the registry Centre for all document management processes (incoming and outgoing processes). This unit also plays a significant role in Fleet Management, Mail Management and Archiving Management within the organisation with the view of improving customer services within the CETA and management of stakeholder documentation.
Administration and Travel Unit 
The role of the unit is provide general office management and manage travel requirements made for CETA business. It is a link between the organisation's internal departments. The management of this function is in compliance with Cost Containment Measures and is in line with the PFMA. The Act requires the CETA to regulate financial management to ensure that all revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of government’s organisations are managed economically, efficiently and effectively.
Administration Functions

  • Facilities Management
  • Security and Safety
  • Provision of offices space    
  • Assist in setting of internal operating rules

Travel functions

  • Transport management
  • Flight management
  • Accommodation management
  • Travel/ Subsistence allowance management

Senior Manager: Corporate Services
Ms Joyce Phuti Tsipa
011 265 5913

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