The CETA provides skills development services to the construction sector, to implement the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS III) and to ensure that people obtain the critical or scarce skills that are needed to build the capacity of the construction sector to become economically sustainable and globally competitive.

To better understand the skills need in the construction industry CETA conducts research on the skills that employers need.

CETA is responsible for identifying skills gaps and developing the education and training programmes that are appropriate to address the skills shortage in line with the skills needs of the construction industry.

CETA also funds a number of learning programmes including skills programmes, learnerships, apprenticeships, internships and bursaries at various public education and training institutions such as Universities and TVET Colleges.


To be a firm pillar for all in construction and nation-building.


To create a solid skills base as a foundation for infrastructural development and economic empowerment.

Accessibility and responsiveness:

  • Easy availability of relevant personnel and decision-makers to all stakeholders and prompt response to their issues.


  • Consistency, reliability, honesty, care, accountability and ethical conduct in the execution of the legal mandate and related services.

Respect and dignity: 

  • Advocating mutual respect and upholding the human dignity of each person within and outside the organisation.


  • Executing each responsibility and task with the requisite skill, competency and attitude; and the ability to give and/or receive constructive criticism or advice without any prejudice or repercussions. 


  • Focusing on partnership-driven solutions in mandate and service delivery.


  • Always striving towards attaining the highest performance targets and greatest impact.

The CETA facilitates and funds skills development through:

  • The development of qualifications
  • Accreditation of training providers
  • Research and development of the Sector Skills Plan
  • Allocation of Mandatory and Discretionary Grants
  • Monitoring of Projects
  • Quality Assurance of all accredited training in the sector
  • Certification of Learners


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