What is our purpose?

To provide skills development services to the construction sector, to implement the objectives of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS III) and to ensure that people obtain the critical or scarce skills that are needed to build the capacity of the construction sector to become economically sustainable and globally competitive. 

To better understand the education and training needs in their sector, SETAs must do research on the skills that employers need (the demand for skills) and the skills that providers offer through various education and training programmes (supply). If there is a mismatch between the employers and what is provided, this creates what is called a skills gap. SETAs are responsible for identifying such gaps and thereafter filling these gaps by providing appropriate skills development programmes, linking employers to education, training providers that offer education and training programmes that can address the skills gaps.

SETAs also fund a number of learning programmes including skills programmes, learnerships, apprenticeships and internships, including bursaries at various public education and training institutions such as Universities, Universities of Technology and TVET Colleges.

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